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Shady People


An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place

Before I go there are a few people I would like to talk to you about

Sneaky people
They will creep around you peekin' into your soul tryin' to look for a hole to drown you
They are always searchin' for nothin'
If you were to become one of these people you would probably find yourself being hit in the head by someone who's had enough
These are people who were at one time or another people you trusted and now they are gone
There are some people who will always take the lowest road no matter where it crosses
They will screw you time and time again
Taking from you your dignity trust and your friends
You can take your chances slim but I would not dance with him

Shady backstabbing sneaky people always tryin' to pull you in their schemes
Could be money or time
What's yours is what's mine
They can never let you be
There are traits of these in all of us
But then there are those who should get their P.H.D.

Shady people
The pickpockets, the conman
The person you least suspect that they warned you about
They usually have the look of being up all night
They are fast talking and smooth winding
And they will bleed you of everything you've got
They also have the ability to lie straight to your face repeatedly, over and over again
Just when you thought it was too good to be true it might have been too late for you
Ten will get you twenty, red will get you double, black will get you lots of trouble
He had you tuned in since you came in, knowing that you would soon fall in
You are not to trust the story or the deal, just because this person is not real

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