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Pay Attention


An Ordinary Day in an Unusual Place

A lie is a falsehood Everybody knows it
We've come to a crossroads 'Cause I realise that
Things aren't what they seem And I see a pattern
Of people and their dreams Regularly shattered
We trust in our nation That's where we are living
To allow our elevation Do more than surviving
No-one asks the question When we need the answer
Are we in the right direction We don't think it matters

We wonder why we're in the situation that we're in
The real truth is we're not paying attention

We're freely marching on to exploitation
We're blindly moving toward extermination
Because every lie we hear has a justification
And the truth we deny is public relations

You think you have freedom That's what they all say
But your mind doesn't function Over medicated
Because of depression Too much information
And you have no direction Just don't pay attention
There's so much pollution Some kinda radiation
Which leads to destruction Everything is wasting
But political action Everybody rising
Is deemed a distraction Well well well well

We wonder what is happening, and how we got into this situation
We're not paying attention


You say we need discussion About all our problems
Then we need protection From those who cause them
We should be talking preservation For our children
Which leads to evolution Higher higher!
There can't be hesitation If we want the real truth
And no more reservations And you know that means you
What we need as a nation People come together
Is a spirit of revolution Around the world

We don't have to believe the words that they spin
If we just keep paying attention

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