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No way out
Trapped inside your house like a mouse
Eyes stuck to a screen, bloodshot no doubt
Hardware got your body frozen, need more bytes
Stuck in a chair, dim lights, keyboard's making you tight
It's like Spiderman, got you caught up in his web
Keepin' you tangled, strangled up and megabyte fed
Mind races to reach the same places you already been
Sit in the chatroom and lie to your invisible friends
Two hundred megahertz of light bursts through optical veins
Networking through your analogue chains' too slow
You need that 500 series baby hook it and go
Buckle up, sip your caffeine it's time to blow

Welcome aboard while we cruise through a modem cord
And take a journey abroad
As we pass through firewalls, viruses try to do you harm
Stay away from bombs
Should be connected in a millisecond
Disconnected if the password is not accepted
Turning you to epileptic
Analyse when the drive is your brain
Feel the gigabytes run through your veins, part of the chain
The mainframe's a search engine
Laser optics shoot the world, it's like it's never ending
Input another sentence
Apple a day'll keep the virus at bay
While these hackers find a new way to program mistakes
Where you wanna go today?
Same place we'll go tomorrow
And this time around though the bugs will follow
You need that 600 series baby hook it and go
Buckle up sip your caffeine it's time to blow

Now the system becomes part of your brain
Looking through Windows, former maze
Make you part of the game
5.0 conversion to the nearest version 5.1
Updating got you still searching 5.2
It's too late to leave the game, they've got your name and number
They can count you while you play and wonder
Just get that 700 series, hook it and go
Buckle up sip your caffeine it's time to blow

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