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I'll Be Right Back


I'll be right back

Friday night and I look nice
The night is mine
Sitting in front of this middle aged guy that I met online
Looking in my eyes when he talks to me
I can see that he's my type
Thinking to myself am I the kinda clothing that
I wanna wear next time
But then the food came out
He was talking with it filling up his mouth
Had a chicken finger falling on my blouse
Hell no I'm not going to your house
There's been an emergency; I left my poodle in surgery
I gotta leave now but I won't be long
Where's the jukebox
Let me play you a song

I'll be right back

Met a fit woman at the corner store
Told her that I really wanna talk some more
So I took her downtown later on that week
Then it all fell apart when she started to speak
Cause even though she was gentle and cute
All she could talk about was spending my loot
She wanted new boots and a diamond ring
Saying every boyfriend had to buy these things
At the restaurant it was all about the price
Forget about the fact that the food was nice
She ordered every dish that she said she liked
Then the food came out she only took two bites
I wrapped it all up and she started to laugh
Then she took it outside, threw it all in the trash
Thinking that she was moving up in my flat
I had to lie for a second, said I'll be right back


Yo how'd your date go last week?
Badly actually
Rather gabby, a regular chatty Kathy yapping at me
Like ?no man can make me happy?
Going on and on about her baby daddy
Conversation one-sided
She confided all the sick minded things
she wanna do to his privates
You know the type
Psycho feminist: ?All m

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