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Belive In Yourself


Any place you feel you wanna be, you'll reach it
And anything your mind wants to achieve, you'll achieve it
Believe in yourself

People often think
There's nothing but to sit and watch the world go by
Sometimes when you feel it's
Spinning just too fast to hop on board
Try to keep up, try not to stop
Believe that there's more
More to live for


Please believe
Nothing beats a fail but a try
Words from my mom Jettery, as she stares in my eye
Reg Wyns packs his things, "now really don't cry"
El Hajj pilgrimage
I'm on tour, this ain't goodbye
Please believe self, L-O-V-E
Do what you do because you love it positively
You keep that numerator over negativity
See divine denominators, you alpha, omega
The first shall be last, the last shall be first
You're major, know thyself
The temples archways had it written on top
What your mind conceives your ass will achieve
Your spirit will proceed if in your heart you believe
It seems mystical, me with the mic is like a ritual
My words pivotal whether analogue or digital, written or visual
I feed your spiritual and physical
It's true, keep your head to the sky,
Please believe


And you'll find when you have a little faith
Everything you could want or need will just fall into place
Make it happen
Just believe you can make it happen
Stay with it my friend, just give it a chance
Stay with it my friend, 'cos your will is the way

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