Scenes of distraction
Common facts without comparing
Bubbles are fairies
Playing with, floating in the air

Confetti spread, dust delighted, to grace
Joy out without worrying about next day
Fun with little parts of vain... of vain

Plastic spell for lives at innocent hands
Boundless ambitions straight
For a virgin place to quest

Sail the skies
Free imagination, far away from our denials
With the best dress gaze your kingdom
Where forever you will stay

Love as much as you can
All the care you have
'cause growing up is a nightmare

Play, little child, play!
Pretty as you are, wounds will be scars
From the best period of your life
One of the lots that you will have

Sometimes ashamed to say hi
Other to show your artifacts

And about toys that you will share
All of the twilights to admire
Friendships in holy normal days
Running, smiling, jumping high

Being a kid

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