Love Story

Undeclinable Ambuscade

We wrote this song for you girl, and you know our love is true girl. You should never doubt a word of the sweet things that we say. Because... We never saw a girl more beautifull than you. When you're around we stop doing what
we do. The way you can walk on those ridiculous big shoes,
makes us think of a clumsy old goose. but that's oke, we
love you anyway, we only look at the inside. And if you
need a hand, you can always call us. We'll be there to help you. Bravest boys on earth. When there's a spider in your room. We'll be there to save you. Our lives are nothing compared to you. And when our friendship dies. We'll come up with honest lies. Telling you we love you for the rest of our lives. We'll be your friend, the one you never had. Giving you flowers. We will cherish your love. You must know that we'll love you, we'll always love you. We make you smile. Be your prince on a horse. give us your money and we will always be yours. Write down your number and we call you, we'll constantly call you. This is a love song. We're exposing all our feelings and our deepest thoughts to you. Not sure who you is, but soon we'll find out. Because you will know this song is made for you. You're not stupid. You know this is a lie. the only thing we're after is a kiss and say goodbye. I hope that you're not mad at us

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