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Can't Beating Me Down

Undeclinable Ambuscade

So you think you can come back to me like that.
Apologize's a word misunderstood.
The night that you broke my nose was the night you broke everything in me.
You never listened to what I had to say.
And you kept on beating me I want them to know, I want them to know!
You can't beat me down. I know I'm a man, I'm supposed to fight back. You can't beat me down. You won't, you can't you will not beat me. You can't beat me down.
You were physically stronger than me, but did you really have to use your fist when we had a quarrel. And you expect of me to go on with you like that? A strong woman who protects me all the time. I once had love for you, but now it's gone. I was afraid of her, couldn't tell anybody. I'm a man I've got my pride. This can't go on like it was before. You, who's beating me up all the time. I was afraid, couldn't tell anybody that she used me.

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