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Gutter Romance


I sit here with my gutter stones
It's cold outside in my freezing bones
Can someone help me inside for a while?
To warm my body and give me a hug
Then you can give me something to drink
Celebrate my life that just fucking stink
I hate this world that I'm crawling on
Maybe I'm depressed in this gutter song

In my gutter romance...

So now I'm here to talk with you
About some things you never knew
Give me some wine and I talk some more
Cause now you invited your own whore
You say to me that life can be hard
Yes, I know I've walked a brutal road
Listen to my thoughts, I'm a real gentleman
So take off your clothes and fuck me again

In my gutter romance...

So thanks to you for taking care of me
And now it's time to buy me some tea
Don't be sad that you invited me
I know I'm dirty but I ain't so cheap
So please go now and by me some more
I need some moonshine for my broken soul
Looking around me, is this what I get?
But peace to you all who are my friends

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