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Don't Break My Heart


Live in Moscow

You shoot me down in flames
You put me down a lot
But I`m giving you my heart
Go on take it
Please be carefull not to break it
Just remember it`s the only one I`ve got
It`s the only one I`ve got


Don`t break my heart

You make me laugh a lot
And buy me silly things
And I`d rather be with you than anyone else
But if you make me mad
But if you make me mad
you`ll wish that you had not
You`ll wish that you had not


Don`t break my heart

Where are the roses and whispered sighs
Where are the compliments and dreaming eyes
It doesn`t matter you see
I know you love me
And real basic love never dies


Don`t break my heart

Repeat last verse


Compositor: UB40 / Deborah Banks

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