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Dirty Day



I don't know you, you don't know the half of it
I had a starring role
I was the bad guy who walked out
They say be careful where you aim
Because where you aim you might just hit
You can hold onto something so tight
You've already lost it
Dragging me down, that's not the way it used to be
You can't even remember what I'm trying to forget

It was a dirty day, dirty day
Looking for explanations I don't even understand
If you need someone to blame, throw a rock in the air
You'll hit someone guilty

From father to son, in one life has begun
A work that's never done, father to son

(Love, it won't last kissin' time)
(Love, it won't last kissin' time)
(Love, it won't last kissin' time)

Get it right, there's no blood thicker than ink
Hear what I say, nothing's as simple as you think
Wake up, some things you can't get around
I'm in you, more so when they put me in the ground

"The days, days, days run away like horses over the hill"

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