Home To Me

Tyrone Wells

Oooh, Ooooh.
walkin' down sunset,
i've never had a place
that i could call my own.
these neon lights, they always make me feel--
make me feel so alone.
just standin' there watchin' all the actors pass by,
i could see right through them when we met eyes.
you were shining brighter than any of them signs,
i started prayin'
that you'd be mine.
and ever since then this house i'm livin' in ain't felt like home.

you feel like home to me.
you're where i want to be.
oh, these windows and doors just don't do it no more.
you feel like home to me.
baby, baby.

walkin' down sunset and i'm feelin' high,
i've got two good reasons to kiss the sky.
my hands in yours and your hands in mine.
oh, we're just walkin' and talkin', feelin' fine.
hollywood's tryin' with all of its might,
but it'll never put out as much light.
you're shinin' brighter than any of them signs tonight.


and ever since i touched your skin,
this house that i'm livin' in ain't felt like home to me.
you feel like home to me, baby.. baby.
ooooh.. baby.. baby.

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