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Stay Schemin'


Man, niggas do anything for these bitches though
Gettin' paper like it's copied, now my dollars' cloned
Twenty thou. Overnight for versaci ho
Fat blunts, bitches gettin' angie stoned
Damn there's two iguanas in my living room
Thick bitches with big titties, I call 'em balloons

Fuckin with the mask on, and mf doom
I'm focusen' emotions, glock with the room
Beside me killers, you call it careless, I call it wishful
Thinkin' bout' my friends is what pays us in patience
I need it now, like lebron ring if not the lakers
Ym champions surrounded by these gold cases
Old faces, new faces they're all abrasive

Bitches get annoyin'
I just end there vacation
Ignore their presents, nibble for me
I'm such a blessin'
So before your time, spit that last zeppelin'
Fuck this shit back ho, bull doze shit
Your not in me my lane, pull over to the nearest exit
T-raw, went great, show me what she fuckin best is
Act like a man, stop thinkin like a bitch nigga


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