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Lil Homie (Feat. Pharrell)


Careless World: Rise of the Last King

[Hook: Pharrell]
Lil Homie, everybody tryna get with you
Lil Homie, stay focused, got shit to do!

[Verse 1: Tyga]
They say what don't break a nigga make a nigga
I woke up out my dream, said I gotta get it
This whole city full of thieves, gotta watch my pivot
Cause on the block, niggas never seen good living
Only lived in jail cells or prison
Drive bys, little homies hit the store for liquor
I gotta steer my life different, where to begin with?
Mama told me go back to school, I said I'm finished
There's only one way a nigga gonna learn:
You gotta take risks and do things the hard way
Stole the hall pass, now I'm running through the hallways
Only thing in my memory from those days
You couldn't save a nigga, even on a Sunday
Monday, new day, shit still the same
Gotta switch the rhythm up like Kwame
When things changed, watch people do the same
As I hear a voice sing:


[Verse 2: Tyga]
Big boy grown, can't leave the streets alone
Wanna be a king, but you're too young for the throne
Why you riding in the car that you can't afford?
Can't move forward in the 4-door chrome
All that cheap talk I never did
My walk is Billie Jean, my shoes are never slip
Notice how close he is, gold his goals that approachin' him
They can't stop the win losing's not an option
First place locked in, get my trophy ready bitch
Turn your back on me only gon' leave you ?
Fuck that bullshit I got common sense
I'm ready for my limelight put my mic in hand
They'll dissolve when the money's gone
So motherfucka don't appear when the money's home
Lil' homie done grew into a big dog
If you barking in my way you gettin' chewed on


[Bridge: Pharrell + Tyga]

See your friends walking up and down your block
Ain't got a penny-nenny-nenny-nenny
Just picture yourself sittin' there on top
A nigga straight winnin-in-in-in-in-in-in

Nigga straight winnin', you see how I did it
Bottom to the top take 'em back to the beginnin'
All my niggas winnin', you see how we did it
Dreamt it now we live it
Now we all winnin', me and my


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