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Lay You Down


Careless World: Rise of the Last King

Wayne: hello world muh name is not imporant, today is about, tyga, yessirr, lay you, lay you down, yeah, lets go, imma sit back and smoke, i might grab muh guitarrr

I got these bullets in tha cham-ber
dont make me let off a round
if my lifes in danger,
im gonna lay ya down, lay ya down

uhh i aint a killa but dont push me, far from a saint dont play that reggie bushingggg face covered louis honey oh he rock skinnys bet we get em stilll pow pow wont even be present to witness, wayne said it send a debit what them boys charge for it, recycle her boyfriend wanna fight box him and card board, tyga star, haters home, look up yup, im on tour, whatcha plottin fo, par four

Wayne: yeah, so like i said, or better yet like he said,
get em boy

Tyga: i be calm till the moment, souls should be roaming (fly), yo lifes in a toilet, shit get it on homie, thought he knew me put 5 on it, bet im no loonys toon tell em this aint no daffy duck movie (fo sho), my jewelry got that daff punk glow to it thats why they lookin, participants, im no rookie(s) get paid their salary look at me but dont stand cuz there, right here, view muh mirrors hell ya

Wayne: yeah, so like i said, i bet he act like he said,
yaa heard meee better make meh love ya babyy.. ah emmm
reporting live from the barrel (get em), 2 tear drops under that eye on the sparrel (ugh), im from the small place they call uptown where we layy youu, where we lay you hahah down, like concrete on the driveway shoot sideways like o dog gone business? leave you brains in yo tennysss im tha rennasance man so put me in the book and i got muh pistol on the hook sayin.. aahhaa

when i say fuck yall, i really mean mammyy mutha fuck all yall,, tyga tyga lay you (young money) lay you, I thought you knew (Down). lay you, lay you down.

Composição: Tyga Feat. Lil' Wayne

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