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Hit em Up


Hotel California

[Hook: TygAnnotatea]
I said fuck them other niggas, cause I'm down for my niggas
Fuck them other niggas, cause I'm down for my niggas
Fuck them other niggas, I ride for my niggas
I die for my niggas, nigga I hit em up

[Verse 1: Tyga]
T Raww go stay Westside, killa cap peela
No ceiling, probably worth 10 million
Poor nigga watch chilla, you ain't even gotta feel it
That's chin chinchilla flyer than a caterpillar
I sick my dogs at you, yeah
They ain't call the dog catcher, bitch
Spark the fire, no matches, yeah
So high just laughing, hah
Burners in the attic, they ain't know I had it
Shoot sporadic, fire automatic, pop the target
Driving backwards, I'm a hundred bill fanatic
Bring the static, make vows to the money, but I skipped marriage
Keep staring, rather die that nigga than live average, get you embarrassed
Thousand karats on my wheel that my kids inherit
Black card credit, told them I don't use debit
Nigga know that's my motto, I could do this shit forever so

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
We don't rock with them niggas anyway, fuck them
We'd ever caught them in the hood, we'd a stuck them
Things coming in, we get them off by the dozen
We about that action, y'all ain't about nothin'
Girl of your dreams, I already had her
If it ain't my team, it don't really matter
Short stay, I'm only in town for the figures
Even when I'm up, I'm still down for my niggas
Need nothing else, don't concern me or worry me
Nah, I'mma ride 'til they burn me or bury me
Cause the truth is, niggas die every day
Heard about me, I hope you heard thoroughly
I don't switch sides, I just switch rides
Might just get a little head, let the bitch slide
Knowing that I can, knowing that I will
Far as the other side go, you know how I feel

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: 2Pac & Tyga]
You gotta watch your back, stay strapped, be alert
Started as a young motherfucker doin' dirt, bitch
Walkin' through the streets wearin' jewels
Ain't got shit to lose
Gonna fuck up and bust young niggas with tools
The intricate designs of my lethal lines
Now time hard to find a job, easier to rob niggas
These days, motherfuckers talk shit, and turn snitch when you see 'em
They ain't talkin' 'bout shit, Westside
I keep a vest on my chest, bitch
Buck, buck, cops wanna hit me with the book
But I don't give a fuck, government got a nigga feelin' stuck
While these same little sluts gettin' fucked for a quick buck
Weed make my mind roam
All alone, ain't nothin' like tryna bone
Over the phone, in my mind I can see her naked
I can't take it, got me shakin' at the thought that we can make it
I thought you knew, bitch
Get loaded, can't control it
Nigga, pass me the blunt and let me roll it
Then smoke it, sipping Hennessy, plottin' on my enemies
Comin back twice as hard like, remember me
My hustle to my dyin' days, niggas dyin' every day
And we celebrate with pain, pourin' champagne
Street politics, they wanna join my campaign
Worldwide, LA niggas screaming Westside

[Hook x2]

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