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    You know it's only good pussy that I'm used to
    Now this good dick only thing you used to
    Anything less couldn't hear her with a bluetooth
    Laced up, tongue out, stuntin', actin' brand new
    They ain't even know you was steppin' in Giuseppe too
    37 spare bright jeans 'bout 12 jewels
    Posin' like a mannequin, bag, matching manicure
    Two ill shawites in the Benz Jeep, heaven sent
    Ever since you was little had a silver spoon
    How they make it hard for you
    shoulda made a song for you
    And the world is your stage, turn on the lights for you
    Lighting up one in the crowd I be rootin' for you
    If it don't go well, well, I'm still rootin' for you
    Lean on me if you need help, I'm a tutor to you
    Put me in the cell, hit a nigga when you ready to
    Better when it's late night I'mma just drive through

    I know it's hard for you
    Do it too well, I don't wanna see you fail
    They just try and make it hard for you
    I know it's hard for you
    Even though you a star to 'em
    Everybody need love just pick up the phone
    and Imma come through
    And make it hard for you

    And you know the summer's mine, fuck with a winner
    Had to show you shit they ain't really wanna show you
    Imma put you on game, run game on these other bitches
    Told her never show no love for a bitch nigga
    Keep it all business if you fuckin' with 'em
    Never let your guard down even when the stars 'round
    Got a love it baby, if you in it for the long haul
    If you pacing I can show your ass how to last long
    I don't wanna see you up in every video
    Every year All-Star cities I go
    If there's money to be made I can understand
    But don't fuck up your brand for a grand
    you understand?
    Somewhere in Miami gettin' all tan
    With a flock of all tens, talkin' bout who they fuckin'
    Ducks swim together baby just remember that
    You got too much potential to lose so get rid of that

    I know it's hard for you
    You do it too well, I don't wanna see you fail
    They just try and make it hard for you
    Well me, I just fall for you
    Even though I'm a star to you
    Everybody need love just pick up the phone
    and I'll come through
    And make it hard for you

    Spendin' all your time on the internet
    Checkin off your wish list, things that you wanna get
    Make a nigga pay for it, they ain't gotta wait for it
    They just wanna fly you out
    maybe bring a friend for 'em
    I can tell you over that, been through hell and back
    Fuckin' with the wrong one, you ain't try to double back
    Time to find some love for that, lay up and cuddle that
    In the club gettin' on, rather chill in bubble bath
    And I know I ain't saying much
    But you gotta learn to give trust
    Even when it's no trust, you gotta find some
    Being young on your own it's like the world against ya
    I can bet I could preach that
    Appreciate what I do for that
    It's more what I came from if you cater back
    Lemme guide you, get inside you, style you
    Is what I'm getting at

    It's hard for you
    It's too easy if it's all for you
    Anything that can ball for you
    Don't wanna make it hard for you
    When the sun rise, you be right there
    Still shining like a star to 'em
    Everybody need love just pick up the phone
    I'll come through
    And make it hard for you

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