Ty Dolla $ign


Ty Dolla $ign

I'm Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
or is that one and the same?
Cause I don't know any politicians
who's admitted that gang violence
came from strange fool macho hang

That's a brother that you loved in that street
If we won't kill 'em they won't kill that much of 'em
Damn bullets don't got no name, we all getting slain
And if we fighting each other we all got stains
It's election season, we all got names
I lost a brother too, we all got pain
But if we ain't voting, we all got blame
I'm really the best, I'm really don't mess
Young Martin Luther with an X on my neck
my voice is a check

Man it's a miracle. Just less than
2 months ago I was on the level
4 yard talking to Big Tc about all this shit. Bro
when you get out there, crowd surf for me
you already know. Now it's a movement
A movement for any and everybody to get up
and push with. Cause we all need that push
It get hard for all of us but we campaigning

We standing strong, we moving forward
we ain't backing down. The time is now like no other
Tell my sisters, my brothers, love one another
Be there for each other. It's easy to quit, say no
to turn the other cheek. Nah, we campaigning now
yeah campaign

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