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Are You Hanging off the Balcony

Two Feet

Hey what's going on?
Nothin' uhh
Are you with Anthony?
Anthony is in the shower, should I put you on speaker? Yeah
No no, no no no, can you go into the shower?
Are you serious? Yeah, just I wanna say something to him
He wants to say something to you, don't know about what
Um, go ahead
Anthony can you hear me? Yeah?
I love you dude
Ha ha ha I love you too
Ok good yeah, I just wanna
Are you on the balcony right now? It's me too
No it's not, nah
Nah we're good, we just wanted to say hi to both of you guys
Alright good
We're not on drugs
Ha ha ha, oh yeah?
Promise we're not, we're sober at this point
At this point, ok that's good

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