Bufallo Girls

TV on the Radio

It's happening again.
The sound erodes my mouth
And now it's nappening again
Demarking territories,
Lips are flapping again
Slapping crappy raps
And setting toes taping again.
And asses shakin'.

Buffalo girl, won't you come out tonight?

Once I said I wouldn't touch your shit with hitler's dick
But now your body's changed my mind
Because those thighs is thick
Yo, you packed in the back
Like you was hidin' twin midgets
Contraband booty shaker
Girl, give me the digits!

"I got a man," says you
"I didn't ask," says I
"besides, you mean to tell me
That you're satisfied?"
(oh no)
"I'm just sayin', got three courses
In that backside meal
What does he
Tag it, doggy bag it?
C'mon girl, fo' real!"

Buffalo girl, won't you come out tonight?

I'm hungry girl,
More hunger than starvin' has
Carve me off a slice
Of that thick-ass ham
'cause there ain't nothin' better
In this whole wide world
Than a thick-back buffalo girl

Buffalo girl, won't you come out tonight?

In the days of grecian yore,
My name was flavius maximus
Profusely seducing cooches
In a way deemed blasphemous
"by jesus, god," the nymphs cried
As I induced their juices.
A sexual slaughter of all their
Daughters, from bruce's to zeus's

My succubus staff,
Pure animus arms octopus groping,
Copious bounty, melliferous breasts
Clitoris unloose your sluices
And register my radius
All screaming, all screaming,
"save us, flavius! save us, flavius,"
"from what?"
"from the glut of ill lovers
"sticking like string cheese in a gorge.
"clear-cut nillaput niggas
"bustin' coconuts then they out the door.
"from the glut of mango-wranglers
"wouldn't know suave if it sucked 'em,
"macho wang-baggers still
"wouldn't know dick if it fucked 'em.
"so save us, flavius," they cried,
They cried from two sets of labias
And, oh yes,
Stampedo for my torpedo

Buffalo girls, won't 'cha come out tonight?

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