Tucker Beathard

It's crazy how, my heart beats so damn loud
Holding on to feelings that need letting out
I could taste the words
yeah they burn the tip of my tongue
And there pushing against my lips
Conscience ringing, and I won't pick up
To hear that constant "it can't be done"
"It can't be done"

But hey you
Let's do, what everybody swears
is just too hard to
Yeah I say, we lay
It all out on the table
if you're with me and girl
I'm able
Let's be faithful

I hate to ask, but hell I gotta know
Do you see yourself hanging on
long down the road?
Or do you see us both hanging on to hope
'Bout tangled, rope fraying on both ends
Counting on memories we stacked up
to hide the truth
'Til it caves on us
Yeah, it'll cave on us

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