Truth Hurts

He got the rhymenty
My bills are paidy killed my fever
Feel in love instinly
Then I got way for jimmy?s holding me
The pend intentionary
But it?s a mystery
And he came around me
He?s down for Tim and Moe

Shout it down for then I got you
Please tell me what you need
Forget you
I?m just here for loving me
What a feeling?s like to have no lush
I don?t give a damn sacafice my life
I got you till the day you die
Heal you baby but I don?t like
You came come around

I should just flip
I?m goin? miss you that?s for show
I?m gonna miss the time we spend baby
Never we should run away
I?m be the king
And you will return one day
I?m gonna miss the way you put them down all night
And no other nigga phoned me
Baby you?re the only one
Baby no no no...
Jimmy Jimmy
No no no
Jimmy...Listen up
I got this feeling about this plane
He used to get down for me
When everyone I told him he can get protect

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