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We Riders


We riders, Im a rider, Im a rider, Im a rider, Im a rider
We riders, Im a rider, Im a rider, Im a rider, Im a rider
We riders, Im a rider, Im a rider, Im a motherfuckin rider

Any time dumpin them fools
You see a motherfuckin killer with no limit tattoos
And when the smoke clear I know my job complete
And everyday I see dumb niggas die in the street
Run for cover if you soft, dont want no power
Im a show guillotine in your picture and your mama gon miss you nigga
You and your kids and your wife take your life
With a knife, it aint right, but uh, the money was tight
Am I to aggressive nigga, its hard to survive
And stay alive make you feel like a bitch inside
But if feel froggy jump, and watch me react and attack
And leave you layin on your motherfuckin back
Cause aint no playin in the game of life, the game of hustle
Where them niggas pack heat, fuck them niggas with muscle
Where the skinny niggas with the triggers sittin on top of the mound
Runnin fools clean out of town nigga


Gettin high hittin the ? ? ?
And runnin from the law, damn niggas ll talk
To many bitches sweatin me so Im fuckin em all
Lace the weed and them hoes be takin it all
Take em down like I just touchdown from ? ? ?
Just some bitch shit, it just be sweatin my click
50 million so, still countin, still sittin on top
You niggas only wish what I got
Fuck a bed, fuck a house nigga
Fuck you and the watch
Im thugged out, I be clutchin my glock
With more than 5 reasons for you to call me a nerd
Cause infra red held lead come straight to your head
And then you dead nigga whats up now whats up now bitch
Nigga show me you made the wrong move
You lose, bye bye, just die, dont cry, when I get high


You bitch, I told you motherfuckers
No limit soldiers never drop we always on top motherfucker
So you better check the motherfuckin billboard spot

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