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Watch Your Ass


Now let's take you to a motherfuckin' commercial

[master p]
At the red light, four niggas deep
I'm in the benz, i see 'em watchin' me
I ain't trippin' so i play it off
Like i'm fixing my mirror
But i'm going for the sawed-off
I told sonya-c to wake up
She jumped up mad sayin'

[sonya c]
What the fuck is up

[master p]
Car full of the dank smoke
Ed said

[big ed]
P man let's show these niggas we ain't no joke

[master p]
It's time to get this shit on
Which one you gonna shoot

[sonya c]
It doesn't matter homes

[master p]
I said fuck it
Rolled down the window, and left 'em like ???
Four niggas cold dead in the other car
Pop pop yeah, now what the fuck you saw
Cause i ain't one on a trip with a ski-mask
It's just a mother fuckin' message, watch your ass

Chorus: tru

Watch your motherfuckin' ass nigga
Watch your motherfuckin' ass
Watch your motherfuckin' ass bitch
Watch your motherfuckin'

[master p]
Now back to out motherfuckin' program bitch

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