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Tru Playaz


[master p]
I got five on the trizzay, today is a gizzay
Jumped in my chev on the way to the dizzay
And Im a ring ding dong like dre
But Im strapped with that tre 8
So much pound in my back seat
Im gettin chased by those motherfuckers o p d
Should I hit a condo and lose the bottle
Fuck it I hear today cause I never been a role model
Im out for the dough taz on my back
Shake the po pos, never did time for crack
This young playa, I dont play
Got more bitches then oil of olay
But Im smooth like gladness, hustlin is a habit
Spinach for popeye, fool I like cabbage

[big ed]
Can tell by you walk and the way that you talk
Youz a tru playa x2

It be the, it be the, it be the s-i-l to the k
The nigga that you love to hate, but these hoes, yep, they love to date
Mom trippin goin have to get yours
Stumblin and fallin as I tip toe
Now watch me jump and pimpin this system for what its worth
I got so many ways but like first things first
Now lets see if you can catch this
Bouncin, leanin, smashing the lexus
Ill be a playa and you know Im tru
I got them gs on my side and you know how us gs do
Another day, another dollar
Im not a scholar cause I didnt graduate
Share my school I get a paycheck
You know Im always flossin
Cant be keepin them niggas up on they toes, pimpin these hoes
Im better off in, in the car thats what they told me
Im a soldier, down with this no limit click like I told ya

[big ed]
Chorus x2

[king george]
The money comes slow, the money go fast
Playas like tru stash cash in the garbage bag
Every day, all day, time to roll bread
C.o.b. on the spot, how we get paid
Aks fully strapped in the backpack
King george, like the mack in the white lac
Bumper jack intact, time to step back
Guinea pigs in the crowd get thier head cracked

[mr. serv-on]
Here I come again on the straight coming
The s to the s to the e to the e to the r to the r to the v to the o to
The n
Its all about his dividends
And I aint hesitant
In 95 I changed my residence to make bigger presidents
Never been a kid like jason
On and off the court Im pimpin them hoes like gary payton
Eyes red like satan
High from that dank
Straight from the city to give two nuts about a body on stank
So nick nack paddywhack, p pass a sack or pass a dack game
Trippin off a nickel sack of weed
Been pushin hella weed since I jumped out my daddys nut seed
So aint no use in failing green like sam sneed
So when you see me you might as well count your stack
Respect what I jack and let me show you what you lack
And treat you how a real playa supposed to act
Cause Im a real tru playa

[big ed]
Chorus x2

[big ed]
See Im a g to be a playa, a playa to be a g
Its the b to the i
And what you be?
[big ed]
I be a g
And what do people call you?
[big ed]
Some people call me e
And what you used to slang?
[big ed]
I used to slang that d
See I add flavor to this cut like jalapeno bro
See Im hotter then tobasco hoe, flowin fast or slow
Cause yall be roll up through them cuts
Runnin or rust, got that glock cocked ready to pop
Let off seventeen hundred shots
Uh, so either kill me pull the plug nigga
Cause Im that nigga, the real nigga, sittin behind that trigger
Cause tru be them tru playaz
So big ed puts it down and keeps dumpin on them playa haters

Chorus x2

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