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Tru 2 da Game


Haaa, uuuuggggghhhh
This is for all the gs ou there
We bout it, bout it
And g-ettes, I aint forget about yall, uuuugggghhhh
Gold look like this here

Today I have a half an ounce
Tomorrow Ill have a key
And if you tryin to get some ice cream
Wont you call me, or wont you beep me

Looked out the window
It must be the giggidy first of the month
Cause everybody in the ghetto is smilin and dressed up
Little kids havin fun in my neighborhood
And fiends walkin up, talkin bout its all good
See Im a g, ? ? ? ? ? I got that 2 for 3
And yall a know that I slang, that i-c-e
And everybody in the ghetto use nicknames
Like v-90, master p, boz, and big man
My little homies posted up
Some hang, hang, and some slangin
Others gang bangin
Im tryin to make it out the hood with this gangsta rap
And stay tru to the game, and put the town on the map
But haters hate me and niggas try to talk shit
Cause I done made, a dollar out of 15 cents
On the curb, posted up with them bouldas
And servin fiends, a-1 yola
And still tryin stay true with my frist meal
Cause in the ghetto, you got money, you might get killed
And stayin tru to the game, is a part of life
And if you dont player, you might lose your life

Tru 2 da game, tru 2 da game
Aint nothin changed but my bank account
Im still the same

[silkk the shocker]
Tryin to have things major, they cant fade me
Cash the chips like casino
Today Im a keep it real, and chill, and get blitzed like marino
My girl be fussin, she be tussin, constantly buggin
Askin me why I be hustlin
I got money to make, so motherfuck it
Im a keep it real, if it kills me
Yall gonna feel me before Im done
Ball till I have it all, I want the whole while
If not, I dont want none
Why I hang with the same ol niggas
Thats what they ask me
I be like, Im the same ol nigga
But stead, right now, I gets my sacks free
I gots to stay tru fool, about my motherfuckin mail
Ill be a rich ass nigga, yall gonna be visitin me in the jail
I gots to ball, cant fall, gotta have things major
If you dont believe me, next year round this time
Its silkk up on his pager (then ask me)


[big ed]
Bustas cant see me, they blind
I claim tru, I thought you knew
My foes catch elbows, cause Im on em like a tattoo
Man Im layin low like the eyes of a danked out china man
Stayin gangstafied
While Im tryin to make a million
But politicians run for office
They rather me bust a cap in a rat, cause they both gonna try and stop
Gangsta rap is what they call it
But I gots to come with the realness
So all my folks can feel this


[mr. serv-on]
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord that my momma will never weep
And let her live in peace and stop spendin a hundred gs up in her sleep
When will it stop
I guess when they leave me lyin on the block
With tears on my glock
A pocket full of lemon drops, laughin at crooked cops
I guess Im doin what I gotta do
As long as I stay tru, until they put me through
I know its a shame, thingsll never change
I hope I live long enough to see my daughter spell my name
Im tru 2 da game


[master p]
Still the same
Master p, the whole tru click (yall gonna feel this)
Tru to the gizame (tru to da hood)
Money cant change you, it just can make you
(never forget where I came from)
No limit records, down south hustlers (independent black owned)
And the west coast bad boyz
And I told yall, I can drop something anytime I want to
Yall done realized by now, the haters done fell off
Cause they aint tru 2 da game
I could never forget where I came from
Im from the ghetto
But I wont ever change
Cause Im tru 2 da game, believe that
Keepin it real, keepin it real
Never sell out, can never sell out
Tru 2 da gizame

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