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The Lord Is Testing Me


I think the lord is testin' me
Whatzup y'all, hello world, this C-Murder
I'm bout to put you in the mind of a crazy
fucked up in the head muthafucka (this nigga sick)
You know what I'm sayin?
One of the muthafuckas you see in the
news everyday, for doin' all types of crazy shit
Chorus: Master P
Sometimes, I think the lord is testin me
But I'm a TRU nigga
I can't let none of these niggaz
and bitches get the best of me
(repeat 4X)
Muthafuckas just don't understand the shit that I be goin' through
I wanna kill myself, but I know, I gots to stay TRU
Be gettin' my fuckin' hustle on, and stack my fuckin' dividends
Cuz if I ain't got no money and I'm broke, fuck friends
I feel like, I'm paralyzed cuz my own baby, won't hug me
My momma, won't let me in the house cuz she talkin' bout
she scared of me
The only reason I sell drugs is survive
The only reason I kill, is to stay alive
I'm constantly watchin' my back cuz playa haters act like hoes
But they don't wanna fuck with me cuz i turn bustas into John Does
I'm not a role model so keep your kids up out my face
Talkin' bout, I'm sellin' drugs ain't doin' nothin
but killin', my own race
Police can't catch me, betta kill me, ain't gon' let 'em arrest me
They don't, understand I draw my nine faster than Jesse
I've been know to have a temper, and I click quick, like this
Befo' I was crazy, but now I'm strapped and I'm sick
187 killin' murder's a hobby
Thank God, this be the charge, six counts armed robbery
Back in the free world same shit, (ain't gon' change)
Call V, say he

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