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Stay Real


[silkk on the phone talking]
Woo whats up slim I saw ms. silkk the shocker out there last night
Yeah you better stop playing with me dog,
You know I seen your girl and them cutting
Man how you gone start off a conversation,
Bitch you better stop playing.
Naw nigga we just friends for real.
Hold hold on
He clicking over on me
My phone clicking
Whats up dog
What up my nigga
I need some weight
I thought you had 25
Man look I need some weight
Naw I dont do that no more dog
You got the chickens dog
Naw ima talk to you later wootay

[silkk rapping ont the phone]
You know that big nigga from the hood done snitched up
Hit the pen and bitched up
He worked with p but now that nigga snitched up
You know the nigga that used to flip with us
That nigga working for the feds know, the phone beeped when I picked up
Nigga got 25 years came home in one summer
Catch him riding in a gray hummer
With this chick named goldie getting head from her
You know the whole hood fucking head bumping
Cause we grew up with this nigga,
The nigga seen it and he aint said nothing
We was gone crack that nigga skull but he fled from us
Trying buy dope running round the hood flashing fed money(fed money)
Nigga renegoiate
Shit change his name another city relocate(what)
Feds kicked the nigga door in you know what they found up in the residence
Only way get out the shit you had to be the motherfucking president
Niggas upstate turned state evidence
Shit this nigga fake
And you cant let fake niggas represent

Chorus: silkk, and skull duggery

(ra ra) real niggas dont snitch
Real niggas dont flip(we never snitch)
Real niggas never cross another nigga
Cause real niggas dont switch(ha what)
Real niggas dont make deals( uh ha)
Real niggas stay real(nigga what)
Real niggas take the charges and fight that shit on appeal

Repeat 1x

This old fakeass nigga crossed alot of niggas(what)
He the reason why the drought season started cost alot of niggas
If you was soft you should have gave up the game
Nigga got endited, didnt try to fight it nigga just gave up names
Shit how you used to be so real and so fake
Nigga told me it was my dog I was like fuck naw, no way
We used to get money together, get honeys together
Run it together, tatoos homies forever
I was right there when his mother slide
Trust the nigga so much I let this nigga watch my brother kid
(its like that)
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? aint never failed
Niggas looking for you but he hiding somewhere in delaware
(you gone look out for him)
Naw I cant help him
(man why you aint gone look out for that nigga)
Naw cause that nigga selfess
(that nigga must be a snitch)
Streets is watching
Keep the heat cocked
Niggas beef aint stopping
Yall niggas better watch it
(you got watch your ends)
I feel ya my nigga
(and you gotta watch your friends)

See that snitch shit never stay shit I dont trust nobody
But I bust somebody, and that shit I never hesitate
What the fuck happened friends forever. what happened to loyalty. what
Happened, what happened to trust. dont snitch, dont flip, dont turn
State. real niggas be real, fake niggas be fake, bustas be bustas, and
Snakes be snakes. thats forever

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