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Prayer For A G


Silkk talking: I dont know if you listening but..

[silkk the shocker]
I got so many questions I dont know where to start
[ wellwhy dont you start from the pain that runs deep in your heart]
(is that you? God is that you? ....... its me)
Is there a heaven or a hell, if so is that theory true?
[yes my son]
Why go through so much?
[its a test my son]
So I guess it was you when ? ? gave me the last second to run
And I dont know why I shed so many tears
Forgive my god, I havent been to church in months
[aww son you havent been to church in years]
Some times I rob, steal and kill, just to eat
I popped him, I dont know if I killed him but somebody died in my building d
[hes here with me]
You think you can forgive me for my sins?
If so hold up, another homie died ? ? you think you can forgive me again?
[i dont know]
Some times I feel like death is chasing me but just aint catch me yet
Im wondering if he is going to catch me when I stop to catch my breath
They say days are cut shorter from the things that you did
And if so then why take the kids?
[hold up, hold up my son]
[it seems like some puzzle to you, if you got something to ask me, ask me]
Why is it racism? where did drugs come from?
Why is it so much death where I live? who idea was it to make guns?
And why my grandparents was slaves?
And why is is diseases with no cure like cancer and aids?
Why is it rich and poor?
Why is it a death row? [for real]
[that was yall I aint have nothing to do with it that was never my will]
And though I try and do everything, I just wanna know if it is worth it
[it was]
Sometime I feel like Im doing it all, sometime I just dont feel like i
Serve my purpose
[keep your head up]
Nigga scared of the past
All my homies wanna know but scared to ask
[tell them to ask]
God everybody for they self sometime I dont feel like Im all alone
[feel you]
Dont worry bout me if I have to go so watch my brother them when Im gone
And what about when I couldnt pay my bills I was almost kicked out where i
[i just wanted to see if youll break]
And everything happened at the same time
[i just wanted to see how much pain you can take]
And you must know my lifestyle
[i do]
Knowing I cant change my life
[i dont want you to, do what you gotta do anything not neccassary youll pay
The price]
So why did my homie die instead of me?
[because I had bigger plans]
I dont understand
[Ill explain, see I wanted you to grow up and be a better man]
I wanna know, how you determine who dies and who stays living?
[the day I made the world my son, it was written]
Look I gotta couple mo questions I need to know
[what? ]
God, can you tell me, when is it my time to go?
(everything goes silent)
Silkk talking: where you at? I wasnt finish asking you.

A gangsta prays for another day
Even though he lives wrong
Trying to live this way
(x5) til fade

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