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Let's do It


She was cute and I met her by the bus stop.
I just beat this fiends ass,
They got me for a fuckin ride.
I guess the nigga hoped they was fucked up,
Till the nigga rucked up,
This fine bitch had walked up.
I say whats your name, do ya got a name,
And since she crossing the street
Can a mack hold ya fuckin hand?
But this shit had fucked me up at first,
Because she smiled with a smurf and turned
Around and said that will work.
She was a perfect 36, 24, 36.
She had ass like a stalion bro.
She kept this muthafuckin look in her eye,
We jumped in a ride.
She started rubbin on a niggaz thy.
I put her to the floor,
Took of my shirt and my pance
And let my feet hang out the car door.
She said youre kinda fast, and I knew it.
I said ya like me,
I like you so lets do it.

See Im a playa,
A pimp, so lets do it.
See Im a playa,
A pimp so lets do it.
See Im a playa,
A pimp so lets do it.
See Im a playa,
A pimp so lets do it.

Yo man I aint never been spun on to bitch,
But check this out man,
I just got more ham than a muthafuckin meat market,

I was cold, chillin in my crib.
Thinkin bout this girl the and way she make me spit.
It feels kinda strange, because its like I knew her,
But all I really knew was her name.
I just cant forget, it happened so quick,
But she make me feel logic.
Now Im in the sneakin, niggaz into creeping.
Hey p, man aint that yo beeper beepin?
Yeah man come just pass me the phone,
Let me call this girl back.

You know what Im saying? hello? hello,
May I speak to mari.
Yeah this is, this is mari.
Hey whats up baby? p I know you have a girlfriend,
But I was thinkin and just wonderin how you feel bout me?
You know what baby I was thinkin bout you too.
You know what Im sayin?
I like you a lot and I was hoping I could see you tonight.

Im in this dice game.
Silkk got my 97, 211s coming out my hands.
Im hating them bitchs like hoes.
But that was my girl so you know a nigga gotta go.
When niggaz started acting funny talking shit
Bout your one and only chance to win back his money.
I had to put this punk in line,
And when he turn his back I told silkk to pass me my fuckin 9.
Because I aint the one to be fucked with,
And you know that the p dont take no bull shit.
But I live kinda strange,
But you know there arent no fuckin rules in this fucking game.
But cant a gansta fall in love,
I dont know. because niggaz only serving fiends and thugs.
No time to thing Im on the run,
Im bout to leave the state,
Shes bout to have my son.
She wanna come and I knew it,
And all I can tell this girl is
Lets do it.

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