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Keep It All Good


[master p]
Mother fucker ask me what I think about a bitch
This aint nothin about a bitch nigga
I use a bitch like shoes you know what Im sayin
Bitch got old, get me a new pair

Chorus 2x

We dont love them hoes, cant trust them hoes
But just to keep it all good, just to fuck you hoes

Just another day in a life of a g, drop the top on my i-roc z
Got dope in case the drousies got cash in my pockets
659 hitting just like rockets
Gold ones spinning as I pull out the driveway
Hit the backstreet cause it was too packed on the highway
Made a il-legal u-turn seen 5-0 coming my way
I thought they was gon sweat, they said have a nice day
So a girl I havent seen since junior high school
Say whats up with me and you
And she say its all cool, well check this
I guess its a date, picked up later on and headed at the lake
Had a husband and kids but it aint my fault
He must have not been hittin it right
But she definetly got taught
Got ghost in my shit with the top down
Sideways, back to the town

Chorus 2x

Im at the crib just counting up my mon-ey
Aint really tripping cause is a sunday
I went to church girl and confessed my sins
And asked the lord can he forgive me for the things I did
I think of my children, so I call this girl up
Hello, is ya free in other words can i..
What, I mean can I see you later on a date
She said it was all good, so I guess I see you around 8
Grab my strap then Im out the door
But before I go, silkk sideways to the store
Walked in the store and grab some sheeking
Cause later on that night a brother went deep in
Woke up my sleep by some suckers dope, left on my answer machine
Why you stood me up
Pager keep going home but yo it aint mine
Grab my clothes didnt waste no time
Left it like that, like a real g should
So next time, itll be all good

Chorus 2x

No a nigga cant trust no chick
A nigga cant trust a bitch
I cant trust a bitch as far as I can throw em
And thats about the same length as a nigga blow em
X to the next, no love just straight sex
And when Im going diving I got to have my latex
Just to let you brothers know, dont put you life in these hoes hands
Cause nigga cant trust a hoe

[master p]
Cant trust a hoe or a nigga or a bitch silkk
The game is crazy but thats just how the cards are dealt
I went to jail, you think this bitch love me
She used to write me, say she thinking of me
But she dont try to play me like a punk
But I refuse to be some garbage in a garbage dump
She met another nigga now hes getting paid
They try to play me like a old dirty fade
But I cant be faded, pre-meditated
Kill a bitch and fled with the babys to another set
Smoke em like a cigarette
Cause Im in here deep like a bullet-proof vest
So Im down for the count like who ride
Aint nothing but my nina on my motherfucking side
It aint a bitch, got 17 rounds in it
Dont give a fuck about you hoes
Cause Im a run a fucking clown with it
On the set cause Im a g bitch
You try to play Im a play you trick, cause Im deep
Fools gotta creep,
Thats how it is from the 95 to the, 2003 motherfucker
Cant trust these old dog-ass hoes out here though man
You know what Im sayin

Chorus 2x

[master p]
Yeah, but I cant forget about my motherfuckin ? ? ? bitch
Out the in motherfuckin kansas
Livin like a gangsta
Another hoe in cincinatti you know what Im sayin
Thats realer than real
A bitch down there in colorado
Even got a bitch down there in alabama fool
Milwaukee, miami
I took one ? ? ?
Its all good though, you get a back rub

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