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I'm The Funkiest


[master p]
Grew up in the ghetto in cali
Were sellin dope has one technically
Tanqueray twice a week
2 keep a nigga like me on the run g
Dodging the police side
And whatchin the moves that jackers be tryin
Mom would cry when I leave the house
She said she had a bad dream, a king g took her out
She say they caught me one in the chest
I said mom did I ever shoot back
Now Im on the neighborhood alert
I pack a fuckin 9
Like mom would pack her purse
For the suckers tryin to catch me slipin
And like short dogg say I aint tripin
But I look at life kinda strange
And all the old gs tell me all the time
P get out the dope game
Stick with your raps & go legit
And it wont be long till ya make your motherfuckin hit
Now that kinda shit kept me pumped
I hooked up with the ski, and c, and t and now Im the one
The one from the bay
It started in the rich
And moved to the o, to frisco
Now they bumpin my sounds and sack
Pittsburg, palianto, and every damn cadillac
From cinncinati, kentucky, to seattle
They say my shit just movin like cattle
Movin like columbian cargo from boston to chicago the play me down
In texas from the low rider, benzmen, to the drop top lexus
Im pumpin in new orleans, down south, alabama, to d.c.
All in one year I deliver funky sounds from san diego, to denver
Delaware were my fans get stronger from ohio, milwalke, to oklahoma
Now Im on a tour in every city from florida, detroit, to kansas city
Strated local and then went nationwide from georgia,
Philadelphia, to the east side
Now Im a hit and ya cant stop a nigga like me cause
Im the funkiest.....
Im the motherfuckin funkiest

Yeah we just chillin in this motherfucker you know what Im sayin
We got eazy a ski in this motherfucker
Cmt with that layed back ass track
You know what Im sayin comin at your motherfuckin back
But just in case you didnt know master p is the motherfuckin funkiest
For the 92,93,and 94 and how ever fuckin it may go
But check this out, you know what Im sayin
I want to thank all yo motherfuckers for support a nigga like p
You know what Im sayin, cause we straigt comin up in this bitch
Got big ed co-chillin in this motherfucker
Silkk, c-murder, fonzo, sonya c she definetly an effect
And you know what, yo c ride me off this motherfuckin laid back ass track
You know what Im sayin

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