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I Don´t Want You No More


[silkk the shocker]
Look, for real, you need to stop calling me with that bullshit.
Somebody tryin to make money, make it happen.
When you get your shit together you can hollar at me.

Now I dont know why you keep playing all these childish games
You older then me so why the fuck you keep playing
Not the chick I thought Id see, thought you would be
I know thats you cause your number keeps showing up on my caller i.d.
I cant even go on the road without you all on my shoulder
Talkin bout giving an autograph to a chick you like,
Why you talkin to them hoes
Like all that extra buggin
If you trippin you can leave
Cause you know that I dont need all that extra luggage
Just leave, pack your shit up, aww fuck all that extra hugging
I can, because thats why I got all these extra cousins
Im a thug and I stay thugging
I hold grudges, thats why I never ever talk to my ex in public
Now we supposed to be just friends, now you getting all possessive
All agressive, Im like chick, just pause for a second
See thats why I was kinda scared to hit the skin
Cause Ill be mad as fuck, I come back, you left and hit the benz
You say you got pictures of this chick who I was walking with
Talking with, now you on some old stalking shit
Now first place I dont want you, I talk to you to get close to your friends
You know what, I gotta short temper, you just getting close to the end
Now what


He dont want you no more
Cause I never let you do the things that you think that youll do
Hell be out the door
Cause he sees that your the kind of girl that shows up to no good

Man, this girl crazy.
What, what.

Now when I first met ya I told ya that I had a girl
But you overlooked that, all you seen was diamonds and pearls
You wanted a nigga in the spotlight with money and shit
So you can run and tell your girls you my honey and shit
Looking for the finer things but Im just sexing you up
You keep on calling, huh, but I keep hanging you up
Your girl told my nigga that we getting engaged
I felt played, I didnt know that you was sick in the head
To fall in love with a thug and now you hating my boo
You should have listened to your friends and dont fuck with tru
And I was just a little horny and you looked so good
With your pretty face and ass made me wish I could
Fuck you and your girl if yall down with that
I told you that I was a dogg and you was cool with that
So dry your eyes, Im out the door and quit sweating my show
I told ya, like a man, I dont want you no more


[mr. serv-on]
Say boo, it aint like you was with me when I was serving fiends
So I dont owe you shit, right now turn in your jersey, you aint on my team
So what, got tired of scratching on my s
It wasnt like that when you was at my hotel biting on my chest
When I met you you was still breathing for another
I let you wear my tank, excuse the first couple of calls to my babys mother
Now its am I married or do I have a woman
You was never mines in the first place so why the hell you fussing
I hear our names going big in the beauty salons and nail shops
I told ya, keep it between us or we gotta never stop
But you couldnt keep your mouth closed
So guess what, take all your paper boo and make your way to the door
See me, I aint with that he see or she saw her with me shit
So if you see me dont play me like no bitch
So when it come up to this and Im goin do what I gotta do
Im a take it to mines so stay tru, what you wanna do

Chorus till fade

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