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I Always Feel Like


See y'all niggaz think i'm tripping cause i'm on that doja
See y'all true niggaz
One reason i'm spiitin this game to y'all niggaz
Nigga cause i want y'all niggaz to watch ya motherfuckin self
Motherfuckin f-e-d's be followin niggaz out in the projects
All in a niggaz car, all on planes and boats
Just like deez niggaz and deez hoes
Tired of motherfuckers followin me man take another route
Nigga somebody else, keep ya eyes open fool

Chorus: repeat 2x

I always feel like somebody's watchin me
I'm paranoid i can't sleep i'm in this dope game
I think these hoes and these niggas out to get me man

I ain't never had nothing in my whole life
I'm from the ghetto grew up on eggs and rice
I'm paranoid, i can't sleep cause i done stole a key
Peep out the window unmarked car after me
My little homie down stairs hollerin 5.0
But i ain't runnin from no motherfuckin white folks
I got the a-k spray hit the window (lay it down) duck
So nigga holler god damn, hit him in the trunk
The dogs chase me but a nigga ran through the back
That's when i seen dope and willy in the cadillac
They said p where ya going man get in
Put the gat to his head said interstate 10
Play it off, play it off while i do a trick
Take me to the project to meet my bitch
100 g's, 2 keys, and a bullet-proof vest, like
Billy the kid i got some pussy and headed to the west


I was pullin up out the driveway
Car been parked since friday
I looked and look back it wasn't there
But i saw him followin on the highway
And i today know that i'm gonna blast
See i don't know who's in it cause the cars windows were tinted
And i be seeing shit that ain't it ain't there
But i be seein shit, i be in places without even bein seen there
But be seen in places without even bein there
And it seems like i'm in a different time zone
This dope game got my mind gone got my mind gone
Be having nightmares in the day, i be woke but i be sleep
I looked at shock the nigga but i turned around and it was me
It got me noid, it got me noid
It got me noid, but i ain't paranoid


I beez more paranoid than a fugitive
Because i choose to live pro life
When it comes to mine my ruger 9's on cock
For all them haters with the scandolous plots
The red dot marks the spot for my nineteen shots
But i forgot the way they did ya boy
That's why i'm never on the streets without my plastic toy
They wanna trap me kidnap me duct tape my mouth
Torture me until i tell em about my man and point the dope house out
I used to be about the same drama game
That's why i'm two steps ahead of you gutter brains
You know the name mia x the biggest momma
Ghetto sara lee at the store
Betty crocker when i choppa fo' sho'
The evil eyes be watching cause niggaz be always
Tryin to get in the best players spot and knockin
Motherfuckers head off and kris krossin
Throw in mo salt than martin
When it rains it pours, horns with the rough tones
They try to get me slung on my back
Got to watch the jealousy acts so black
My eyes be in the front and the back and the sides peepin
For all them crooks that be out creepin
I feel they watchin me

They watchin but true soldiers don't die they multiply
Keep an open eye for all them haters


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