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Hard N's


We some hard niggas, hard niggas, hard niggas
We some hard niggas, hard niggas, hard niggas (some bad motherfuckas)
We some hard niggas, hard niggas, hard niggas
We some hard niggas, hard niggas, hard niggas (some bad motherfuckas)

I make money off top, turning caine into rocks
And I carry two glocks, so I cant be stopped
From the city to the state, Im pushing rhymes like weight
Pitbulls by the gate, and got the camera with ? ? ?
And twenty gs in my draws, money taped to my balls
And I really cant move [why? ] or that shit might fall
Im a gangsta, I sell dope nigga, its my job
89 was the year when I started to rob
Im a fool, I used to smoke weed at school
And got kicked out because I toted a tool
Other niggas used to run, but me I stood still
Cuz if a nigga fucked up [hmph!] ? ? ? was killed
And ask sam, Im blowing on fools like what!
That nigga opened his mouth, so I fucked him up
Nigga what, you dont want me to pull this trigger
I told you motherfuckas we some hard ass niggas [bitch]

[hook] x2

[master p]
Mask up with the homies when its time to ride
Niggas thugged out wit life til the day that we die
Tattoos on my arm nigga stomach and back
They cocking tech-9s like a mechanic cock a car-jack
Im from the city where we dont give a fuck
Nigga ? ? up the wrong hood and niggas gon shut you up
Nigga we bout big bucks, stash outdoor in the cut
Holla hoody hoo when the rollers rode up
We ghetto millionaires, but they call us rejects
Because we love to smoke weed and fuck bitches in the project
I tried to creep threw the hood and them feds tried to book me
He said what you doing back here in new o. I say I love ghetto pussy


[waump! waump!]
Im ghetto ? ? ? getting my profession them balls working deadly weapons
If I die them young niggas can take it as a lesson
My clips be side jumping but a nigga name wessun, first name smith
Known in the hood for pretty ? ?
Let me introduce myself, the one that toted shotty!
Tossing em in ya body
Blame it on the bacardi
Niggas dont wanna start me
Im b-a-d, sometimes I get kinda afraid of me
Survivors thun graded me on brains batts and all
Because befo I steer em wrong,
Id rather have my ? ?
The hardest is gone, I just arrived collecting was rightly mine
You wont some hard niggas you can catch us on the grind [we some]


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