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Hail Mary


(c-murder talking)

Check this out my nigga.
Ive been a hot boy for a long motherfuckin time, ya heard me.
It was cool for a minute, but shit I gotta jump up out this shit.
Free from murder attempts on my life, you know.
I got a family to feed, you know.
Im trying to jump about the game.

(chours x2)
Hail mary
Hail mary, please help me, I wanna live
And forgive me for the dirt that I did
I been a thug since I was born
And nuttin change but I been trapped in this game too long

Verse 1 (c-murder)

Hail mary
Freak or murder attempts on my life
And my soul is gettin cold and Im facin parole
Heavy gangsters looking burry
But who can I tell from my cell to hell, dont let me die in jail
One foot up in the grave and my back against a brick wall
Im having dreams about a image trying to kill us all
I count my blessing but Im stressin, smith n wesson
Fool testing my nuts, Im still throwing them up
And spitting blind rounds at my shadow, tweekin for drama
I found a call from my momma, she dont want me around
And everything I touch seem to turn cold
And every nigga that I hang with dont grow too old
Hail mary

(chours x2)

Verse 2: (c-murder)

Two elevens got me sweatin, will I lose my rights
Convicted fellon with 187, facin twenty five to life
Im just another lil nigga ready to ride on dem bustas
Like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder why I trust ya
Use to hustle for fun nigga, a young nigga, dumb nigga
Now they got me on the motherfuckin run nigga
I used to laugh at them other niggas runnin from the cops
Now these bitch niggas sweatin my block
My ghetto dreams got me wishing for a quarter bird or something
I ask them ballers but them niggas aint frontin
Its rest in peace in my future, how long will I live
Hail mary please forgive me for the dirt that I did

(chorus x2)

Verse 3: (magic)

I sit and wonder with all the things I hear my people say
Like, magic, God is coming back some day
Am I ready, shit I dont know, Im just trying to survive
Im hustlin and strugglin, cant you see the pain in my eyes
Ive been doing this shit for way too long, plus Im way too strong
Its hard doing right when all I ever done was wrong
Thug to the bone but I know I gots to move on
The devils itching to get me and I dont think I got long
Thank God for tru, and every word I say is for real
Yall couldnt imagine some the dirt I did
Shit I used to rob, steal, click click and kill for a meal
So close to death when I had just started to live
My lord

(chours x2)

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