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Eyes Of A Killa


As I wake up and look into the motherfucking mirror
I realize Im staring into the eyes of a killer
C-murder who I be, tru be my click
My minds on killing but in the process Im getting rich
As I walk out the crackhouse strapped
With my bulletproof vest cause I cant live with no bullets up in my chest
Im a soldier, bitch I told ya
With a shot from the calliop to the magnolia
Cause its a known fact that I sell crack
You fuck with me Ill smoke your ass like cuz smoked this track
Beeper blowin I gots to apprehend my drug money
But I see popos in the car and commence to running
This cuz I knew keeps his rocks up in a skittles bag
Nigga Ill be a little late but have my cash
Jumped in the caddilac and hit i-10
Got on the mobile lemme see which hoe Im gonna go up in
Cocked my weapon cause I aint got no time for no bullshit
Ready to kill one of these hoes jealous ass boyfriend
Nigga, dont hate me cause Im getting head while Im smoking weed
And when Im done Ill fix a sandwich and Im outie g
? ? ? ? ? ? I aint workin with it all
I blame that shit on spending half of my life behind bars
The fedz talkin bout, no limit full of drug dealers
But homocide know c-murder is a born killer

They say Im a drug dealer
But look into the eyes of this motherfucking killer x2

My mind playin tricks cause um, I think some dope missing
Time to check my crackhouse cause something fishy
And I aint taking no shorts nigga ask silkk
Im known to fold a nigga head like a fuckin quilt
Call bye cause I smell a fuckin murder coming
No limit soldiers bout to have this fuckin party jumping
Infared on aks for a better aim
T-shirt, bulletproof vest cause, uh, bullets gots no name
Cause six deep is how we mob
Time for a 187, a motherfucking homocide
They put another x up on my tatooes
Laughing as another nigga sing the blues
Like frank nino, I feel funeral homes make a nigga wish they kept thier
Motherfuckin ass home
You can take me to jail bitch, but thats dumb
Cause the witness will never make it to the motherfucking courtroom
Im legendary ask them hoes, see, they be loving
Im not 2pac but uh, Ill still be thugging
Cause dope, pussy and money is what I live for
Besides my family, thats something Ill kill for
Disrespect my click, and you will feel a
Blast from this motherfucking natural born killa

Chorus x4

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