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Down & Dirty


Yo we ridin dirty, you dont know me bitch


Silkk and mercedes together
Mercedes, tru niggaz down and dirty
(repeat 2x)

Watch your back when I be ridin
Cause Im known to get down and dirty
Or should I say Im bout it, bout it!

See im, always sulkin like a bad kid
Aks under the mattress, automatic for static
Watch your back when I ride
Cuz i, roll with the tech and blastin will be uncivilized
Hat, like yall niggaz heard me
Im known to get down and fuckin dirty
Yall bustas just aint worthy
I live loose adn live frightless
Im in a crowded room, cut the lights off, turn em back on
I got everybodys rings and necklace
Check check this, hop on the block, nigga
Stop, nigga out my mind, thinkin like a glock nigga
Its a risky business, ask boz hell tell ya
Ask p, hell tell you niggaz, six deep is how us gs ride
On some gangsta shit
Im down to kickin your fuckin door
But Ill spray this shit, yall aint feelin
Im doin it for a meal
Stop pause for a sec, Im ridin dirty, guard your grill

Chorus 4x

Im on some beamer 740 shit, crazy retarded shit
Some rum bacardi shit
When I bust, niggaz run, cuz they know, I hardly miss
Potnas be trippin ever since I first made it
Im bad like a first grader
Face like a eight grader
Im on some shit thatll make the niggaz wanna jump out the game
Im down to act bad, dude I got through, to make some change
By any means me dream is on the triple beam
Schemes twice a week to get my money of my cream
Yall bitches aint feelin, how I do it, how I won it
If you did it, I done done it, dope I count less than hundred
Got one of my block retaliatin, till we all fall
Im out the supersport, bumpin, dumpin on all yall

Chorus 4x

Nigga, Im ridin dirty, like u.g.k. homes
If you cant respect the fact that Im strapped, keep your ass at home
Id rather be in the pen, more than the motherfuckin grave
And have my picture on the news, instead of the motherfuckin front page
Im tru nigga! so act like me to the fullest
I gots my finger on this trigga, and you know Im ready to pull it
C and silkk, commenced to bustin and that ass
Dont try to play me boy, we leave you layin up in a body bag
With p dog, the colonel of no limit
Thats my label bitch, so I gots to represent it
Like, martin luther king, I gotta dream
To be a, multi-millionaire, make hits and stack cream
With tru tatooed on my back and my arm
Dont bury me a g, cause I plan to live long
Much love to my homes, dead and in the bushes
Reminiscin, pour our 40s, and smoke mad swishers
Straight out the gutter, like g-blood
Silkk, c-murder, tru, down and dirty
We run this motherfucker

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