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Anything Goes


Chorus 2x

Eenie, meenie, minnie, moe
You dont know the game till you fuck
Thats how it goes

[master p]
Young nigga tryin to get rich
Posted up with this shit
On the grind tryin to slang that muthafuckin shit
Servin the fiends the ice cream
You mean that crack

[king george]
Bullets cant man tag, one time for the gat
Can he make it, will he fake it
Fiends call him betty crocker

[master p]
Cause he got the bacon

[big ed]
You get a loc like that blueberry dope, that yaho
Choppin it up like fat, gettin hit on that pager
Cause its all about the skrilla, nigga
Pockets gettin bigga
Pockets gettin swolled, but gettin dubbed by a gold digger

Now some choose to pimp hoes, and some hoes pimp them
Whatever it may be, everybody against them

Chorus 2x

[master p]
Niggas hittin the bass, straight playa
But you gotta watch your back for them fuckin hatas
If I were a football player, Id probably be lawrence taylor
Blockin these hatas off, be mad
Cause they know master ps got it goin man
Thats why I fuck your bitch, but she aint shit
And everybody in the hood know the hoe suck dick
But you cause you lame
But like ice cube said, lets cut out the little man
You need an ounce of this real game
It aint a thang to these tru niggas, cause we let our nuts hang
I got love for you, fool you got love for me
But theres always some sucker talkin bout wrong p
You need to jump off that glass dick
You look like a dope fiend and sound like a bitch
You want it cooked
I got baking soda for your bitch ass, huh
Cause that hoe shit wont last

Chorus 2x

[king george]
Comin from the bayou, a triple by the dosage
Tryin to dodge rats, but tend to find cock-roaches
We flip gs, no good deeds
Down on your knees, kidnapped by gs
Forties with the clip, shit float to your forehead
King pay dues, fuck you a dead bitch
Flip pure game, like the ogs taught me
Tryin spit game when Im talkin on a for-ty

Chorus 2x

[big ed]
Its nothin but the g in me
I have a question
Big ed is on a funky g lesson
Now, how many gs in the house tonight
And how many gs spin them gold thangs tight
Its nothin but a g thang ba-by
I gotta twank on a fubic, but can you fade me
Nigga, cause big ed be like tru to it
Always wearin nikes cause I just do it
Got more bounce to the ounce
Get you drunk like some liquor
Gotta ? ? ?
Cause hes rollin on my ? ? ? , like a weather got my action
Grabbin on my nuts like my name was micheal jackson
So nigga
Who ride, I ride, slide

[master p]
But they cant touch ya

[big ed]
With my tru niggas on my side

[master p]
And you know I got 5 on it
But we gotta do this one here for my dead homie

Chorus 2x

A nigga tip toe through the do
You know Im bout 64 plus mo
So I had to get low
And niggas lookin shady
I shook some shell up in my ass, somebody older
Yall bitches better pay me
You want me to say its all good in my hood
Well I cant
And anybody that told you it is, they be lyin
Cause it aint
I hopped in my ride, started fish tailin
Seems I caught a flat, so silkk started 3-wheelin

Chorus 2x

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