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3 Strikes


[master p]
Yeah an Im here to see king george
Is yall gonna let that fool outta jail

[tobin casten]
Sit down just for that Im gonna give that nigga 20 to life
Burn nigga burn

[king george]
Chillin in the courthouse stuck in jail
Time movin slow, just like a snail
Hand-cuffed to the rail, delt a bad deal
Quiet in the court when the judge said bail
Caught up in the system cant get loose
Mow wear jump suit and black stained boots
25 went to hell, thats what I get
No I dont smoke but I can go for a cigarette
Another black man in the cell doing time
My names on my chest number 6639
If I gotta die, king george aint scared
With a bald head, I be better of dead

Chorus 4x

3 strikes and they tryin to give a nigga life
My man is still in jail

[king george]
Dont stress on me, keep the money on the book
Any fool cross me mother fucker gettin took
Its all going down, blame it on the white man
Spike in my hand, king george with a chain gang
Moving right ahead you heard what I said
You not gettin paid, you wondering why you dead
In your blue jeans , mother fucker wanna know how I get mine
Dont do the crime if you cant do the hard time
Strapped down through a t with a sharp knife
I never seen more niggas in my whole life

Chorus x4

[king george]
God damn, what they got you for man

[master p]
Aww man shit, burglary, armed robbery, 187
Fuck it aww, assault and battery on the police
You know what Im sayin, man shit
Man this snitch got me right, this snitch ratted on me man
I was like on cut boulevard, this nigga named roy he seen me
I had the dope you know what Im sayin
I took the dope from the bitch, then this white lady came
I hit her in her head, dropped the bitch in the car
Chopped her fingers off man then I fled up that
And they caught me up in east oakland man
Man shit, I aint trippin though dogg
Shit Im a soldier like you , see this blue arm band I got on
Nigga Im on santa rita, Im on the side with the killas
Im joseph wilson nigga
I aint here with them hoes or the rest of them old hoe ass niggas man
Shh shh be quiet man here come the captain here come the captain

[tobin casten]
Listen up, when I read your name off the list
You gonna know where you gonna be at in the morning
Robert jordan, your going to the pen. son
King george, your going up the river for a very long time
And joseph wilson, yeah man your going to traffic court son

[master p]
Aww nah that aint me man
Look, they got me confused, Im going to the pen.
Say king man im

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