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Villainy Thrives


Vengeance Falls

I can feel it aching within
Every bone inside me
I can feel it breaking out
Retaliation: Released
I need to cause the evil-doers' suffering
Can't wait to choke the life out from your baneful bodies

If only I could afflict you
Hurt you in the same way that you hurt
I just want to exact reprisal
Retribution calls

The only way I depict you
Is that your redemption's undeserved
Meet the vessel of your reprisal
Retribution calls

It's not that I take life for granted
It's only that the good won't make it
Innocence dies
While villainy thrives

How can you harm a living thing, thinking that it's your right?
How can you defile a life
Deprive it of innocence?
For too long you have gotten away with murder
A fitting justice would be your painful execution

I want to ruin the rapist
Punish the criminal
Violate the abuser
End the murderer

Letra enviada por Rafael do Nascimento Vieira

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