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Through Blood and Dirt and Bone


Vengeance Falls

Die young, save yourself
Life is only replaced by hell
I know that the hurt will just go on
I can't save myself

Slowly without a name
As the blood empties from my veins
Nothing ever stays the same - I know
I'll always take the blame

I fear I won't make
Make it out
Out in time
I fear I won't make
Make it out
Out alive

I'm alone when the ending comes
Take control of the nightmare
This fate has become my own

Choking on my soul
Misery has gained control
Hand in mouth, I start to pull the corpse
That's trapped inside my throat

I want so much to make you feel
All this pain that makes me real
I bring you down to fall with me - now drown
Inside of my disease

There is no quiet ending
I'll be taking you with me
Through blood and through dirt and bone
Through blood and dirt and bone

Letra enviada por Rafael do Nascimento Vieira

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