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Year Of The Rat



There's a way
Just walk the line
Keep your direction
And read the signs

Just play the game
Evade the way
Make your confessions
And book a ride

Now that your sparkling smile is outworn
Now that your famous, the record is torn
Spin me a liar we'll slip through the haze
Just like we'll get lost in the shade

Change your name
and change your face
For your protection
And a new day

Believe in me
You can be free
Escape the aggression
And book that ride.

Now you're a rat and you can't sleep at night
Under the spell of the following eye
This is the game
There's no getting out
I've seen the end and it looks like a nine
You feel the chill that just crept down your spine
This time, the last surrender
The axe won't be buried, not ever, not sorry
It is too late to worry

Postado by @nilbercosta

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