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Talk About It

Trey Songz

I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna talk about it
I don't wanna talk about it

She cares too much, I care enough
I love her, but, never said enough

My mind is so heavy and time doesn't let me think about shit
So much stress in my life that I'm holdin' inside, then I think about this

She said we ain't gotta talk about it
If I don't wanna talk about it
But if I wanna talk about it
She's all ears
She says she's really worried 'bout me
But if I ain't really worried 'bout it
She ain't really trippin' on it
But she's still here

I said that I had a thing to hide
My life, my life, losing my damn mind
She said, "put it aside, I'll hold your pride"
And I can't ever explain why I ain't got time
Addicted to these girls, all around the world
Always want a new one
And it's, "can I get a favor? " throw me little paper
Everyone needs something

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