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Good Feelings

Trey Songz

Oooo baby, love the way u make a nigger feel
So crazy if anybody love me she will
I got a good girl and I know its a fact oooo
So be a good girl come on sit on my lap ohh woo woo woo ahh

[verse 1:]
Ooo you are the moon that glows in my nighttime
Ooo baby your my sun, your my earth, girl your my lifetime
You ain't never gonna whine for nothin,
Not as long as your my woman
I ain't bluffin you good, oooo baby you good yhh
Ah I ah I I can't (can't) fake (fake) this feeling (feeling)
You got me feeling right now.

I jus wanna take my time n let you know girl you make a nigger feel gooood so good, let you know yh u make a man feel good, gooood baby
Oooo girl you make a nigger feel good,
Feelin soo good soo good, yh you make a man feel good soo good yhhh baby soooooo good, o u make me feel sooo good girl, you do.

[verse 2:]
Ohh [?] make a nigger back down like yh (yh) yh (yh) yh (yh) soo good
Baby lookin at me right now like yh (yh) yh (yh) yhhh soo good sooo good
Yes u do yes yes you do girl, yes u do yes yes u do girl you doo you do
You make a nigger feel good soo good that you know yh
You make a man feel good you make me feel good baby
You make me feel, you make a nigger feel good soooo good so good soooo good, yh u make a man feel good so good good baby so good yhh soo good ohhh ohhh ah ah soo-o-o-o good
You make me feel, you make me feel you make me feel yes u make me feel make me feel so good soooooo good.

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