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Ghetto People

Trey Songz

Ladies and niggas this is another 1 4 da ghetto
Radio spin da record
Whoa yea whoa whoa yea yea

What do u do when u get a couple drinks in u
Shut down da club u act a fool
And what do you do when yo people have a barbeque
U eat and run that what we do
& where do u go soon as your sugar bowl get low
Next door y so they can spot u some
And what is that help u take away all your stress tell me
We fuck of all da questions u have passed my test

Ghetto people yeah
Keep da ghetto turnin
Ghetto people keep da world movin
& ghetto people goin

Tell me what do u do when da police is ridin on pitrol
Get low y cause u know who they lookin 4 ladies
What do say when a nigga say is yo hair real
Say yes it's mine nigga I paid 4 it

Niggas when it seems we goin through so hard times
What do we do
Start robbin tell da true
Trey songz we might rob u now
What is that come take away your stress
Tell me we fuck
Of all da questions u have passed mi test
Ghetto people yeah hell yeah
Keep da world turnin mi ghetto people
Keep us thugin mi ghetto ghetto people
Troy y won't u take me out mi ghetto ghetto people

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