To Zion

Trevor Hall

To Zion
I fly on

Up with the sunrise
Breeze through the wind chimes
Open my eyes as the images rush my mind
Well baby, you’re just in time
The water is in the kettle
The stars have just aligned
Within the hour
Oh we’ll see the power
Never knew this tree could bloom so many flowers Yes I
Water the roots as I lace up my boots
Strap on my parachute and float on back to

To Zion
I fly on

Swallow the ocean
Drink of its potion
The wheels are turning and burning
Set it in motion
Fire Fire
Well baby I’m up in flames
These melodies are telling me to see it all the same
I am I
You are You
You are Me
We are We
Family on the road to unity
Plant the seed
Watch it sprout
Watch it grow
Watch it bloom
Get in tune
Sun and Moon
As we finally break through

To Zion
I fly on

Polish the mirror so we can see clearer
Push back the clouds and reflect love superior
Within the lotus, it all comes in focus
This love, it ain’t hopeless
It’s no hocus pocus

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