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Trevor Hall

The kids are insane
Sick in the brain
Licking the same wounds
We sit with the same moon above us
But we’re different from the others
‘Cause we share the same pain
It’s mutual
It’s beautiful
And all of our tears and all of our fears
They all come in one form
But yet we think we’re from a different storm
There ain’t no question how
We’ve got realize now that it’s mutual
It’s beautiful

So how long will we continue to ride this sunken ship
Because I believe that we can find the surface
Even though it seems like this airplane is going down
Don’t be afraid
It’ll all be ok
You see they’re plenty of parachutes to go around

See for whatever it’s worth
I never left earth
I choked on my own blood
Alone with my own gun
Surrounded by no one
And now that I’m gone
I still sing my song
To try to keep the children
Away from all the killing
To show them a new mission
Trying to keep some peace in their hearts

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