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Mirror Of The Sky

Trevor Hall

Mirror of the sky
What is on your mind
I’ve been waiting for a sign
In this hide and seek
Will we ever meet
Remove the dust from my eyes
When the daylight comes
I can’t see the sun
I can only feel the rain
Is my heart at war
Well I don’t know for sure
As I kiss the lion’s mane

Tell me what’s the cost
Oh for being lost
Can I ever pay the price
For I have lost the reigns
All my horses are insane
A blind man rolls my dice
I knew all along
The silence in the song
Was the map to take me home
Well I kept listening
But lord I kept missing it
And now I’m stuck at the crossroads

Do you remember when the oceans sang in hymns
Do you remember when the stars used to play
Do you remember when we used to share our food
Well I do every second of the day

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the sun
Have you ever thought of kissing the moon’s rays
Do you remember when we used to dream without any fear
Well I do every second of the day

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