Trevor Hall

I remember back, back in the day
When the sunshine smiled as the children played, I say
I remember when it was so pure
Hearing melodies through the bedroom door
Making beats in the basement
Tasting all the magic harmonies and flows that we were chasing
Turning fantasies into realities
Oh we were lost in dreams
We had all the keys
And now it seems we can’t pick the lock
Kind of like a flat line, I need a shock
What’s behind the door
Are we too scared to knock
Did you pull the trigger
Did you hear the gunshot
Will we ever ever rise above
Will we ever follow through in this path called love
Oh Mama please take me back to my youth
Where I never ever had any holes in my parachute

Why do they make this pill so hard for us to swallow
Treating us as if we are ghosts, as if we’re only hollow
Oh yea but we sing today and we’ll sing through out tomorrow
Because our fire it burns, it burns up all your sorrow

Flip the tape deck, microphone check
Turn up the volume, how loud can we get
Show the man that we’re not going under
Never gonna sleep, never fall into a slumber
No matter what the poison is you feed
Any sickness oh we got a remedy
Don’t you know we are the roots that hold this tree
Feeding the branches and all of its leaves
Love and truth shall always prevail
Raise them high and we will set sail
No ocean to wide, No mountain to high
Our feet on the ground and our heads in the sky
Oh yea we are soldiers of the pure
Have you had enough
Do you want more
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You never sang a song like this before

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